Self care at work could be:

  • Taking a break

  • Stepping outside for 5 minutes

  • Speaking up if you’re struggling 

  • Asking for help

  • Connecting with a colleague / loved one

  • Making a cup of tea and stopping to drink it

  • Focusing on the feeling sense of your breathing for 10 breaths

  • Going for a walk

  • Listening to a favourite song

mindfulness word cloud.jpg

MINDFULNESS involves cultivating present moment awareness and applying self-compassion. It can be an excellent self-care tool. It doesn't have to be sitting doing meditation. You can drink a cup of tea mindfully, or take a walk, or go to the loo. 

Resources for practicing mindfulness with some guidance:

Other resources -

Information from the Royal College of Psychiatrists on many mental health challenges,

Living Life To The Full - free courses on many issues (stress, burnout, resilience),

Staying Safe from Suicidal Thoughts