It's OK Not To Be OK
- Resouces for Healthcare Professionals - 

We all have times where we are not OK. When this happens, resources and different perspectives can help. 


A few reminders of some of these things are included here, along with resources for outside agencies for ongoing support. 


Together we can create a culture where:


It is OK to ask for help.

It is OK to take a break.

It is OK not to be OK. 

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My experience has been that only by taking care of myself can I show up and take care of others in a meaningful and fulfilling way. 

Self-care looks different for all of us...a run, a bath, a cup of tea, a chat to a friend, meditation, sleep. 

Resources for healthcare workers

A professional life supporting others is challenging, fulfilling, and potentially deeply nourishing if we are feeling nourished and supported ourselves.


In the past, operating from a space of self-sacrifice has had a detrimental effect on my ability to support and care for others in a sustainable way.

We may not be able to change the system, but we can change the culture around asking for and receiving support for ourself. Asking for help and support is not weakness, and actually can be a courageous and vital act, for ourselves and for those around us.

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